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Asset-backed security tokens allowing you to hold and profit from changes in the gold price and the extraction of in-ground mineral assets.

A safe, secure, asset-backed digital currency

Invest In Digital Gold

UGold token holders will have the ability to stake their security tokens to enhance the collateral backing of sustainable development projects.

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UGold Frequently Asked Questions

A: UGold provides the financial protections of investing in gold without the complexity. Changing the paradigm, allowing greater liquidity and transferability all of which are recorded securely on the blockchain.

A: UGold is an asset-backed security token which is collateralized by gold reserves & bullion at a rate of 1g per token, stored securely within a selection of authorised providers in multiple jurisdictions.

A: It is issued as a digital asset and recorded on the Tezos blockchain, chosen for its scalability, energy efficiency algorithm, and institutional-grade security. It can be stored in an individual’s UWorld wallet.

A: It can be stored in an individual’s UWorld wallet.

A: UGold will also work with commercial partners UCapital & UTokenize, to facilitate Commercial Debt provisions where borrowers are looking to utilize gold stores as collateral or security.

A: Audit reports of gold reserves are always available to ensure strict compliance and authenticity, there is a daily validation of reserves against the circulation of UGold.
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